Amberfields Proud to Stand these Old Type and Colorful Stallions

At Amberfields we feature the bloodlines of Amberfields Desperado, Desperado was our once in a lifetime stallion, he helped to change the world of Morgans,  as with him we fought the AMHA to allow creme Morgans to be registered! DNA testing was required when he was born, so there was no question he was from registered stock, and met the requirements for the registry, his light eyes were due to his dilute coloring, not random outcrossing . Thanks to the then current registrar, Tyler Atwood, and the board of directors for ruling in his favor and then allowing cremes. Their forward thinking helped colorful Morgans progress to where they are today! Desperado passed on in October of 2020, with over 200 progeny. Gallop in heaven, sweet boy!

We stand Amberfields Steel Magnum, a black based homozygous gray. Every foal he produces will turn gray and he is the only Morgan stallion in the US at this time that can claim this talent! 

Amberfields Steel Magnum

Magnum has been color tested homozygous gray/smokey black. Along with guaranteed color he passes on his tremendous disposition, beauty and ability. If silver is your color, consider him for your next foal!

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 Amberfields is also proud to stand the black , pure Lippitt stallion, Clearwater Ole Black Joe. 100% Foundation lineage, ancient Morgan type.

Amberfields is pleased to announce a wonderful addition to our stallion line up, Presenting Clearwater Ole Black Joe! Joe is pure Lippitt in lineage, so is also considered 100% Foundation! He is coal black, gorgeous head, tiny ears, shapely crested neck, short backed and lovely mover. He has a bold and people loving personality with a happy zest for life. I am so thrilled to have him here to cross on our black Lippitt mares and to add more Old type on our colorful mares. Check him out, we have a short you tube video of him at his trainers, click on the link below and enjoy!

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Coachman's Zen-Sational

Reference Stallion 

Rare and Gorgeous Red dun stallion! Zen carries his Robbi- Sue dun heritage proudly. Charismatic , personable and athletic, he has been a joy to train to drive, and a willing and able stallion his 1st year breeding in 2019. We are looking forward to his 1st foals and are proud to stand him at Amberfields.

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Amberfields Desperado 

Reference Stallion Only 

Bright Futures 

Our up and coming Stallions ! 

Amberfield LonesomeDenali 

2020 Dunn Colt 

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Amberfields Anfarra Revere 

2020 Palomino Silver Dapple Colt  

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